Pre-Loved Games


Durbanville Games is now offering shelf space to Pre-Loved Games being sold by their customers and this is how it will all work.

1. The Seller may bring their Pre-Loved Games in for Durbanville Games to sell on their behalf.

2. The Seller determines the selling price of the boardgame/game and Durbanville Games will take a 20% handling fee from that sale price to cover admin, card charges etc.

3. The Seller is responsible for ensuring that all pieces are in the game/boardgame box and that nothing is missing, broken, damaged etc.

4. Durbanville Games will offer shelf space, advertising of Pre-Loved Games and will list the games on our website in a Pre-Loved Games category.

5. On receipt of the Pre-Loved Game/s from the Seller, a document will be signed stating that the Pre-Loved Game/s is/are in a suitable condition for resale and on purchase of a Pre-Loved Game/s the Buyer shall sign similar documentation stating that the Pre-Loved Game/s is/are purchased as is and that no refunds or exchanges are possible.

6. All Pre-Loved Games are purchased by customers ‘as is’ from Durbanville Games and any issues arising around missing pieces etc will not be the responsibility of Durbanville Games and we cannot be held liable for replacement or refund thereof.

As this is a new system being implemented in store, we reserve the right to make changes to the above documentation/system, as certain situations arise.

Any further questions can be directed to Julia at