Steal and Plunder


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Join our 2 favorite corrupt citizens and hop on the gravy train with Steal & Plunder to work your way to the top of the Mzansi shadow economy.

This fast-paced, tongue-in-cheek foray into the South African criminal underworld will transform you from a fun-loving, law-abiding citizen into a devious, nefarious, and fiercely competitive criminal mastermind, willing to stop at nothing to amass R10 Million Rand and be crowned King of Mzansi’s shadow economy and the new #1… amongst your friends and family at least.

Our card game is designed for 3-6 players preferably 13+ and an average game will take around 20 minutes to play. 3-4 Games required to achieve the ultimate goal of accumulating R10Mil.

What’s in the box:

101 Locally crafted and designed cards
2 Game Play Tokens
1 Limited Edition S&P Pencil
1 Scorecards booklet
1 Rule Sheet

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