Star Wars Unlimited – Shadows of the Galaxy Pre-release Kit


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Kick off the next phase of your Star Wars™: Unlimited Organized Play experience with this Shadows of the Galaxy Pre-release Kit! In this box, you will find 6 booster packs as well as enough tokens and materials for you to launch your journey into Star Wars: Unlimited’s second set. The box comes with everything a player would need to participate in your store’s pre-release sealed tournament, and even includes exclusive promo versions of the Mandalorian and Moff Gideon Leader Cards!
Star Wars: Unlimited is a fast-paced, easy-to-learn trading card game of unlimited possibilities. The Shadows of the Galaxy set features characters and content from The Mandalorian series, Solo: A Star Wars Story, The Book of Boba Fett series, and more. Each booster pack included in this product can be used to build and upgrade decks for head-to-head, multiplayer, draft, or sealed play.

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