PRE-LOVED Your Oasis on Flame Lake


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PRE-LOVED Your Oasis on Flame Lake
Lorna Landvik

Best friends fast approaching forty in the small Minnesota town of Flame Lake, Devera and BiDi, were recently voted ‘Least Changed’ at their twentieth high school reunion – a label neither one finds very appealing. For each craves a change in her Devera wants a break from her humdrum marital routine; BiDi longs to reconnect with her distant fourteen-year-old daughter (the only girl on the high-school hockey team), not to mention jump-starting a sex drive stuck in neutral. So when Devera’s husband decides to fulfil his longtime dream of opening a nightclub in his basement, Your Oasis on Flame Lake arrives not a moment too soon. Nothing fancy, it’s just a BYOB joint where you can hang out, sing, dance, tell jokes and be yourself. But then an unexpected crisis throws both families into chaos, forcing them all to take stock of their lives – and learn the power of forgiveness.

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