PRE-LOVED Legend – The Drenai Saga #1 – Softcover


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Legend – The Drenai Saga #1 – Softcover
David Gemmell

The legend is Druss.

The stories of his life are told everywhere. Instead of the wealth and fame he could have claimed, he chose a mountain lair; high in the lonely country bordering on the clouds. There the grizzled old warrior keeps company with snow leopards and awaits his old enemy, death.

The fortress is Dros Delnoch.

It is the only route by which an enemy can pass through the mountains. Protected by six outer walls, it was the stronghold of the Drenai empire. Now it is the last battleground, for all else has fallen before the Nadir hordes.

And the only hope rests on the skills of that one old man.

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