PRE-LOVED Hunter (Joona Linna #6)


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PRE-LOVED Hunter (Joona Linna #6)
Lars Kepler

Joona Linna has spent two years in the closed Kumla prison when he is taken to a secret meeting. The police need his help to stop the mysterious killer who goes by the name of the Rabbit Hunter.

The only link between the victims is that they all hear a child recite a nursery rhyme about rabbits before the killer arrives. Fate’s roll of the dice surprisingly places TV chef Rex Müller right in the middle of the action. For the first time he will take care of his son Sammy. But instead of three calm weeks, it becomes a terrible struggle for life and death. Joona Linna and Saga Bauer must start working together in secret to stop the Rabbit Hunter before it’s too late.

You never know what fate has in store for you, what will overtake you if you don’t start running now.

Thriller master Lars Kepler is back with a new page-turner about detective inspector Joona Linna.

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