PRE-LOVED Chosen Prey (Lucas Davenport #12)


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PRE-LOVED Chosen Prey (Lucas Davenport #12)
John Sandford

Lucas Davenport returns in a most harrowing and unexpected Prey novel – the story of a congenial man, and his most uncongenial obsession…

An art history professor, writer and cheerful pervert, James Qatar had a hobby: he took secret photographs of women and turned them into highly sexual drawings. One day, he took the hobby a step further and, well, one thing led to another, and he had to kill her. A man in his position couldn’t be too careful, after all. And you know something? He liked it.

Already faced with a welter of confusion in his personal life, Deputy Chief Lucas Davenport decides to take this case himself, hoping that some straightforward police work will clear his head. But as the trail begins to take some unexpected turns, it soon becomes clear that nothing is straightforward about this killer. The man is learning as he goes, Lucas realizes, taking great strides forward with each murder. He is becoming a monster — and Lucas may have no choice but to walk right into his lair.

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