MTG – Modern Horizons 3 – Prerelease Pack

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Release Date: 7 June 2024

Modern Horizons 3 Prerelease Pack

Modern Horizons 3 brings a heaping helping of exciting new cards to Modern, one of Magic’s most celebrated formats. Whether your players haven’t picked up a set in a while or are card-slinging veterans, there’s something for everyone to love.

Prerelease is your community’s first opportunity to get their hands on the newest Magic: The Gathering release and explore what the set has to offer, and Prerelease Packs are the perfect product to fuel the first events of this new set.?

6 Modern Horizons 3 Play Boosters; each Play Booster contains 14?Magic?cards
1 foil, year-stamped Rare or Mythic Rare
1 Magic: The Gathering?Arena code card (only available in select regions)
1 deck box
1 Spindown die

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