Monopoly Millionaire


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It’s Monopoly, but it’s not! Here are some ways that it is different:

1) You win when you have $1 million in cash.
2) You can upgrade your playing piece to have a better chance of winning. (Your salary for passing Go is bumped up, and you can potentially make more money from the Chance/Millionaire Lifestyle cards.)
3) Property spaces start with Fortune cards on them. (These allow you to build houses for free, force you to auction a property, or even allow you to steal properties from other players.)
4) No paper money. All the money is on little tiles.
4) No banker necessary because the money tiles are placed in the middle of the board.
5) No taxes, no railroads, no utilities. The board only has 8 spaces per side instead of the usual 10.

Otherwise most of this game is stuff you will recognize from the original. Many gamers will be pleased to hear that this game puts a stronger focus on auctioning unpurchased properties, instead of the classic house rule of leaving it unowned. Also the $1-million victory reduces the odds of player elimination and multi-hour games.

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