Hyperspace Trials 23 November 2019




It’s time for Trials !!!
You are once again called to the Battlefield to defend your honor.
On 23 November 2019 @ DURBANVILLE GAMES, prepare yourself to battle it out before we move into the new year.

For this event we have decided to institute an Entry Fee Sponsorship System. How does this work ?
When selecting your payment option there are various options to choose from –
Standard Entry Ticket – R200
R225 – Sponsorship Level 1 Ticket
R250 – Sponsorship Level 2 Ticket
R300 – Ultimate Level Sponsorship Ticket

The extra funds, over and above the R200 Entry ticket (R25/R50/R100) will go towards Sponsored Ticket/s and/or Extra Prize Support and/or a bonus surprise.
You pick your poison at your discretion.

DATE – NOVEMBER 23, 2019

POINTS – 200 points per player
FORMAT – Hyperspace
TIME PER GAME – 1hr15min

PRIZING – Hyperspace Trial Kits Support & More

What you need to know and bring –
– Rounds : Swiss Rounds
– 200 Points per Player.
– Xwing 2.0 Content only
– Rulers, Dice, Tokens, 3 Asteroids per player
– Damage Deck
– No Proxies
– All standard Hyperspace list building rules apply

Additional information


1. Entry – R200.00, 2. Entry R200 + Sponsorship R25.00, 3. Entry R200 + Sponsorship R50.00, 4. Entry R200 + Sponsorship R100.00


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