Dungeons & Dragons 2024 Monster Manual

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This revised and expanded Monster Manual® contains a horde of creatures for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons®. Encounter a monstrous menagerie of familiar favorites like dragons, giants, and mind flayers, plus a host of new monsters like the arch-hag, the blob of annihilation, and the vampire nightbringer.

Populate your worlds and adventures with the hundreds of monsters provided, and let their stories, illustrations, and easy-to-use stat blocks fuel your D&D® adventures for years to come.


The biggest D&D monster manual ever, with over 500 total and over 75 brand-new monsters to choose from.

9 terrifying new predators for higher-level play, like the arch-hag and blob of annihilation.

New variations on beloved creatures like the primeval owlbear and vampire familiar.

40+ versatile humanoid stat blocks that give Dungeon Masters greater flexibility when populating their worlds with NPCs

All creature stat blocks have been redesigned and rebalanced for ease of use and maximum fun.

Breathtaking new artwork for almost every monster, including stunning redesigns of the chromatic and metallic dragons.

Intuitive organization makes finding your favorite monster easier than ever before.

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