14-Pocket Compact Pages Standard Size & Mini American Black


High-quality, double-sided pocket pages (14 pockets, 7 pockets each on front and back side), that fit in almost any compact-sized D-Ring Binder, thanks to the double reinforced 7-hole strip. Each pack contains 10 pages for storing and carrying at least 140 double-sleeved cards (18 per page: 2x standard size, 12x Mini American).

– Great for storing your X-Wing™ Miniature Game pilot cards together with damage and upgrade cards
– Side-loading Design
– Double reinforced 7-hole strip
– Extra durable base material with semi-transparent middle layer
– 10 pages holding up to 140 double-sleeved cards
– 7-Pocket Pages with double page design
– Fit in almost any compact-sized D-Ring Binder
– Extra high clearness of the protective foil
– Acid free, no PVC
– Page size: approx. 200 x 164 mm

Ideal for the Ultimate Guard Supreme Collector’s Compact Album XenoSkin.


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