What are DG Bucks ?
DG Bucks are a new Durbanville Games Currency which you will earn against your purchases, online or in store.
How do I earn DG Bucks ?
DG Bucks are earned at a certain percentage, calculated according to your current DG Bucks balance and can be earned at a minimum of R10 and a maximum of R23 per R100 spent.  Refer to the table below.
DG Bucks BalanceDG Bucks Earning Percentage
0 to 120010,00%
1201 – 192012,00%
1921 – 237015,00%
2371 – 288016,00%
2881 – 390017,00%
3901 – 498018,00%
4981 – 669019,00%
6691 – 969020,00%
9691 – 1347021,00%
13471 – 1743022,00%
17431 – 2295023,00%
In other words, the more DG Bucks you stash, the higher your earning % will be. 
If you spend all your DG Bucks, your earning % will drop down to te base level. 
You are in charge of your earning percentage, by monitoring how many DG Bucks are used or stashed, to increase or decrease your earning %.
DG Bucks are reversed if a purchase is credited/reversed in anyway. 

DG Bucks are only allocated to your account once the purchase is paid for.  When using DG Bucks to pay for an order, you will not earn DG Bucks on that sale. You will start to earn again from the following order i.e. you have 1000 DG Bucks and want to buy a game for R1000 – all DG Bucks will be used and your balance will drop to zero and you will only start to earn again from the next sale.

How do I monitor my DG Bucks ?
Once you start earning DG Bucks you can check your balance online via your account, via the DG Bucks link on the top menu bar or on the shop page sidebar.

When shopping online at DG Bucks earned will be indicated throughout the website on the products themselves, so you can see what you will earn with the purchase – remember that this percentage will be calculated against your current DG Bucks balance.
When you shop in store supply us with your account email address so that your purchases can be logged against your account to earn your DG Bucks.
How do I redeem DG Bucks ?
DG Bucks are valued at 1 DG Buck to R1 i.e. 9 DG Bucks are worth R9
During the checkout process you can use all your DG Bucks or part thereof to allocate towards the purchase as payment – it’s up to you to choose how many to redeem or stash.  Remember, the more you stash the higher your earning % will be.
Will DG Bucks expire ?
No, they will not expire and will be available on your profile/account for as long as you do not spend them.
What is excluded from DG Bucks ?
Snack Bar purchases, Sale/Discounted Stock, DG Wallet Top Ups & Event Entry Fees are exempt from the DG Bucks system.
Can I exchange my DG Bucks for cash ?
No, DG Bucks cannot be redeemed for cash. They are to be used against your purchases online or in store.  
T’s & C’s
Durbanville Games (Geek Emporium Pty Ltd)  reserves the right to amend, edit and change this system as deemed necessary by management with notice.
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